The Sound Collective Tomorrow Night!

The Sound Collective will be presenting new original music at Jardines tomorrow night (Thursday, May 12) from 8 to midnight. Members of this group are: Hermon Mehari (trumpet), Steve Lambert (sax/flute), Andrew Ouellette (piano), Dominique Sanders (bass), and Brad Williams (drums). 


Jam Session Tomorrow Night Downstairs!!!

The Sound will be back downstairs tomorrow night for the jam session at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. 1-5 AM! Come out to listen or play!


The Sound featuring the Diverse Trio with Harold O’ Neal

The Sound’s jam session will be held upstairs at the Foundation tonight from 1-5 AM. The hosting band will be Diverse Trio (Hermon Mehari, Ryan Lee and Ben Leifer) with Harold O’ Neal. Food will be provided for musicians!


GiGi’s Jam Tonight; Harold O’Neal at MMF Friday

Join us in our jam session at GiGi’s tonight (Thursday) from 6-9 PM. No cover! Harold O’Neal will be hosting the jam session upstairs at the Mutual Musicians Foundation tomorrow night for a special New Years Eve celebration!


GiGi’s Jazz Jam Tomorrow

The Sound will be hosting a jam session at GiGi’s Jazz Inn and Art Gallery tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 16) from 6-9 PM. Let’s bring some positive vibes and great music to this area of town! GiGi’s is located at 3226 Troost and there is free admission. -Hermon

Great Night!

The block party was a success, even with the rain and the move indoors! We’d like to thank a whole bunch of people in making it happen: Reach (DJ/Performer), Headfella (DJ), Streetside Records (booth), Groove 101 (performer), the Mutual Musicians Foundation (hosted and financed), Big Dudes Music (sound system), Andrea Woods (holistic healing), James Hathorn (dancing/booth), Les Izmore (performer), David Ford (food), KKFI (promotion), and the other musicians who came to jam. 

Be on the lookout for more events from The Sound, and expect another block party in the spring time! 


Tonight: Rhythm and Ribs Festival

Hey everyone,

Be sure to check out Nicholas Payton at the Rhythm and Ribs Festival today at 5 PM. Kirk Whalum and Lalah Hathaway will also perform a set tonight. If you’re hanging out late, be sure to come join The Sound at the Mutual Musicians Foundation as Chalis O’ Neal, Dominique Sanders, Brad Williams and Eddie Moore lead the jam session. We will be streaming! - Hermon

Block Party On October 22nd, learn about “THE SOUND” and visit our booth.

CALL FOR ARTISTS to EXHIBIT and SELL their work in a BLOCK PARTY style :::: Bring your WORK and some LIGHTS, EXTENSION CORDS and your BABY PHAT COAT cuz it’ll be CHILLY. There will be tables for you! and food trucks! and dancers! and crazy jam sessions! "THE SOUND" JAM SESSION starts at 1am inside THE FOUNDATION and you can ATTEND! The BLOCK PARTY STARTS AT EIGHT AND ENDS AT MIDNIGHT..THE MUTUAL MUSICIANS FOUNDATION and the BLUE ROOM and JUKE HOUSE will also be partying!

Contact us on Facebook to be find out how to be apart of the night.

Come to the Party

There is going to be an amazing block party happening on Highland St. in the Jazz District on Friday, October 22!!!!!  I am certainly going to be there to enjoy the live music, the art, the dance and the food from 8-12am.  You should too!!!!!!!!  Don’t forget "The Sound" late night jam starting after the block party till whenever we want to stop playin! 

Come out and support local artists in your city.  This is going to be a great night.

Megan Birdsall-

Hermon Mehari-

Community Response

Did you miss the meeting we held this past Sunday? Well here’s your chance to see what we discussed. If you would like to have your input, feel free to e-mail us thesoundkc(insert @)

The Sound is headed in a non profit direction and is becoming a more organized entity. We wanted to see how the community felt as far as things we could do as an organization to help things out.

Questions that were asked:

-Whats needed to support a dynamic creative jazz scene in KC?

-What are your ideas for connecting and strengthening the scene?

-What are some other organizations in town we can connect with?

-What kind of scene would you like to see for the scene in the future? 10 years from now, etc

Ideas discussed:

-We need a central place everyone feels they can come to and connect with others

-Educational outreach at places such as the Southwest Early College Music program and other high schools

-Getting more people interested in “The Sound”

-Hosting another session at a time other musicians can make it; possibly a “Composers Jam” where musicians can play new music

-Ensure that we collaborate with other groups in town and not step on toes

-Work with groups such as: Artists, INC; Charlotte Street Foundation; MMF; 1809 Troost; Urban Culture Project; American Jazz Museum; UMKC

-Work on opening new spaces and venues for musicians to play and maintain the pre-exisiting venues

-Reach out to different communities in Kansas City such as the visual arts people, hip hop, theatre, gay, dance, etc

-Look into creating opportunities in Johnson County

-Work with organizations outside of Kansas City: St. Louis, NYC, LA, Denver, Minneapolis, Monk Institute, 17 East (London), Brooklyn Jazz Underground, LAJC, Lincoln Center, et al